Gift boxes

Line of gift boxes are unlimited due flexibility of packing. We have two types of packing gift boxes, either carton boxes with plastic window
( Window type ) could be filled with different kind of products according to customer wish & desire from 6 up to 10 pieces each, depend on size of products. Size of carton is 27cm Long X 21cm high X 5.2cm deep. The second type is transparent beautiful rounded oriental soul bag, 17cm high X 19cm diameter with hanging hand which same could contain from 6 up to 10 pieces of products depend on size of product. Accordingly pricing of gift boxes are not possible due to many kinds of products customer wish to fill in the box or in the bag. These types of gift boxes are very suitable to be promoted in separate as gift boxes, as well as sales by telephone mass calls by agents. Pricing needs some negotiating between two parts, customer and our team.