C-Land :: Dead Sea Products

Due to the high quality of C-Land Dead Sea products, they become worldwide well-known products. Hereunder some of their effects and benefits:
- Help stimulation of blood circulation
- Reduce and relieve backaches, joints and rheumatic ailments
- Relax body stress and tension
- Help in solving and curing a lot of skin infections such as psoriasis and eczema
- Help the body to get rid of excessive medicine & toxic residues
- Help in dilating skin pores in all its layers
- Restore the balance of minerals in the skin
- Preserve the balance of moisture in the skin
- Help the sweat seeps out from the body
- Prevent sweat peers, as the use of C-Land products eliminates the bacterial breeding and leaves the sweat dripping odourless
- Keep the skin smooth and firm refined from wrinkles and facial lines
- Have obvious positive effect and relief on people suffering from joint arthritis and relieve muscle stiffness and limbs chilling especially in those practising sports
- Remove dead skin layer and urge obvious metabolism and revive the cells & tissues
- Assist the strengthening of hair roots & keep the scalp clean from oils and dandruffp
C-Land :: Dead Sea Products
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